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Should I Reupholster my Furniture?


Photo Credit- Davies Imaging

I have a few rules when it comes to reupholstering a piece of furniture. The first one is “does it have good bones?” By that I mean is it a good quality piece of furniture? If it is from a reputable brand of furniture and hand crafted and made to withstand the test of time I do recommend reupholstering it. If it is a piece made of MDF board and stapled together I am NOT inclined to recommend reupholstering the piece.

Some things to note when reupholstering a piece of furniture. While the labor is pricey you can sometimes save money by choosing a less expensive fabric. The labor is well worth every penny put into the piece of furniture. The workroom has skilled tradespeople cutting out your fabric, stretching it to fit, stapling it to the furniture, creating a bias trim for it and lovingly paying attention to every detail. A good craftsman/woman is well worth the money spent.

Workrooms take time to remove each layer of fabric and inspect the foam, batting, and filling prior to applying the new fabric. If need be they can remove stuffing and replace it with new or bolster up your current padding. Skilled tradespeople will pay attention to the nap (direction) of the pile of the fabric. That being said they will be certain that the fabric on your sofa moves in the correct direction with your body while seated. Think about when you are vacuuming a carpet and you can see the vacuum marks. You definitely want to minimize those seat marks on a piece of furniture.
Pattern- here is where a skilled trades person will be able to lay out the fabric pieces in order to maintain the overall pattern. 

So the next time you think you want to get rid of a chair or sofa, ask yourself if you can make it better???



Photo Credit: Davies Imaging

Photo Credit: Davies Imaging

Photo Credit: Davies Imaging








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