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Craigslist Design, REALLY???

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Bike in Berkeley

This was a fun challenge from a friend of mine in Berkeley.  We came up with the idea to furnish her entire apartment at thrift stores and on Craigslist.  Our goal and mantra was FREE or Cheap.  We scoured the “Free” section on craigslist daily and discussed our findings.  Next we mapped out a route to pick up our loot.  We rented a ZIP van and started our adventure.  It was hilarious!  At one point we drove in the driveway of a house in the “hood” only to find out it was the wrong house and we had interrupted a serious group of men enjoying their “mancave”.  I played off that we were silly women and pretty soon they were laughing with us.

We went to Urban Ore and found this incredible burl wood table.  The challenge was getting it from the van to the third floor apartment.  No problem. . . she is young and gorgeous but I’m smart.  We got to the construction site of her new apartment and I exclaimed, “How on earth are we going to get this in your apartment”?  Two guys said, “We will take it, where is your apartment”?  To which we replied the 3rd floor!  (Note: new construction – no elevator services yet)

The sofa was truly a steal at $35.  No one had EVER sat in the sofa.  The lady we bought it from said her Mom wouldn’t allow anyone to sit in it!  We ended up furnishing the entire space for $560 plus a splurge at Target of $99 for the lamp. We met our goal of free and cheap, reclaimed, and stylish!!!  You see design doesn’t have to be expensive.

Cheers, DeAnna

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