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I’m a Giant Too Dollhouse Challenge for HGTV

I'm a Giant Dollhouse Challenge in Cardboard

For a couple of months now I have been building a dollhouse and decorating it.  I’m smiling inside as I reflect on this project proposed by Emily Henderson of HGTV fame.  I insisted on building the home myself and decorating it.  I must admit I got more carried away with building it.  My medium was cardboard and at this point if I never see another piece of cardboard I will be happy!  Everything in the dollhouse is handmade with the exception of kitchen appliances, bathroom plumbing and dining chairs.

I chose to work with cardboard for a couple of reasons.  It is cheap, readily available and recyclable.  I even tried my hand at dumpster diving for some of it!  I must say it is much easier getting INTO a dumpster than getting OUT of one!  My kids and my husband can vouch for that.  I even have a sore back to prove it.  Ahhh. . . it just goes to show my dedication to the project, right?

Interesting facts:  1) The drapery rod is a corncob stick from Chili’s restaurant, 2) The grommets of the drapes are from a bracelet, 3) The drapes are fully lined, 4) The mattress is firm and hand tufted, 5) The sheets and duvet are fully functional, 6) The cardboard Coley Chair is an exact miniature replica of a chair I designed, 7) The floor and ceiling mimic hardwood

I extend my congratulations to the Twitter users I have met during this challenge.  Hats off to Simply Grove, Making It Lovely, White Owletsy, Go Haus Go, Jennifer @ Grizzarkhov and One Forty Three.  I would also like to thank Emily Henderson for coming up with such an addictive hobby!

Here is my Dollhouse.

Cheers, DeAnna

Close up of Bathroom

Master Bedroom

5 Responses to “I’m a Giant Too Dollhouse Challenge for HGTV”

  1. debra says:

    Love your mini abode and all the little details!

  2. Love the cardboard—and the backstory! I didn’t go dumpster diving for cardboard…but I did use pant pocket linings and an ironing board cover pad…:

    Congratulations on your great dollhouse project! It feels great to step back and see all you have done, doesn’t it?! -heather

  3. What fun! We used cardboard, too. 🙂 Great job!


  4. Rebecca says:

    Congratulations on the house DeAnna! Also, I just nominated you today for the Liebster Blog award on my blog. Go check it out and pass it on to your 5 faves!

  5. Very cute! I LOVE your floors. That must have taken forever.

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